And Then There Were None



Title Sequence – BBC (2015)
Role: Designer

This was my treatment for a title sequence for the new BBC Drama “And Then There Were None” directed by Craig Viveiros. My concept was shortlisted to second stage and was done on behalf of MILL+

This treatment for the title sequence of “And Then There Were None” aims to set up the tone, mood, and key assets within the storyline – while not giving anything away.

My concept is based on three core elements that should underpin this sequence conceptually.

Firstly, the use of sound design and music score.

The poem “Ten Little Soldier Boys” is key – in fact it appears framed and a point of presence in each character’s bedroom on Soldier Island. I’ve chosen to include an actual recording of this poem – by the same actor who reads the Swansong. A music bed will carry the rest of the sequence, but this poem is a trigger mechanism for when each new cast name appears on screen in alphabetical order and in order of the “Ten Little Soldier Boys” poem. It’s a simple yet powerful link to the poem and the voice from titles and into the story.

Secondly, the use of vinyl.

The use of multiple macro film shots of the vinyl rotating while projected onto water – distorted, undulating and graphic it aims to provide a very intimate yet abstract mood that is reflected in the storyline – the gramophone vinyl record of the Swansong denouncing each character’s indictment and real reason for being on the Island. This is revealed in Episode One, when the actor is shown preparing to read the typewritten text in that dimly lit studio. The hidden gramophone booms out an ominous voice to the unaware guests as they sit down after their meal on the second evening.

Thirdly, the use of the colour jade / green.

As the landscape of undulating abstract imagery of vinyl pulsates, twists and turns – like the plot itself – a single strip within its meandering path is jade / green. This is per cast member and represents each of the ten little soldiers from the poem. The font in the title sequence also plays a subtle yet relevant role in emphasizing the importance of the poem. Each of the cast have the caption above their name starting with “Ten little soldier boys” and finally ending on “one” until there were “none” – and so revealing our main title “And Then There Were None”. The first line of the poem above each name is in jade green – the only other colour apart from black and white to feature in the sequence’s chosen palette. The font is as per the poem in a serif font Baskerville while the cast name is brought to prominence in a contemporary larger font – DIN Condensed.