BEYOND YESTERDAY – Memory Stream_Exp.001

Experimental 1 Day Project (07.07.2015)
Role: Director + Animator

Director / Animator: Luiza Cruz-Flade
Music by permission: Kiasmos – Swept (Erased Tapes)
Festival: Official Selection in “VHS MIXTAPE VOL. 1″ VHS Mixtape Film Festival 2016
Prod company:

“Save all your images to the Cloud” they tell me. And then what?

Memories be they in the Cloud or in our heads – we all take so many photos documenting moments in our lives. All our yesterdays and hopefully our tomorrows. I set myself a one day project which is this. This film shows some of my yesterdays – moments in time spent with family and friends, at work, on holiday or just a moment in time where I took a photo. Are these photos better than my memory? I doubt it but every now and then – I look back at my phone and remember all those good times and smile and hope for more.

Until tomorrow and beyond. Hopefully.