Experimental film (2016)
Role: Director / Producer

The wind – you either love it or hate it. It touches, embraces, heats and even freezes you. It’s just there. Humankind has had a fascination with it forever – its been the subject matter of poems, films and songs. Him & Her created an homage to the wind in this experimental film. Him (Fred Flade) has always loved the wind, whereas Her (Luiza Cruz-Flade) has always hated it.

Official Selection at London Short Film Festival 2017 (London, United Kingdom)
Official Selection at 19th Backup Festival 2017 – Bauhaus (Weimar, Germany)
Official Selection at Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / CineAutopsia 2017 (Colombia)
Official Selection and Finalist at KRAF International Film Festival 2016 (Rijeka, Croatia)
Official Selection and Finalist at Figueira Art Film Festival 2016 (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)


To read Behind the Project on the Mill website, click on this LINK

Directors: Him & Her
Producer: Luiza Cruz-Flade
Music: Fred Flade
Colourist: David “Luddy” Ludlam (The Mill)
Sound Design: Theo Gibara (The Mill)
Edit & Animation: Luiza Cruz-Flade & Fred Flade
Production Company: Social-Début

Write. Direct. Edit. Début.

Special thanks to the Mill