NEWSPAPER PROSE: Sunday | 12.07.2015

NEWSPAPER PROSE: Sunday | 12.07.2015

Experimental Project (2015)
Role: Concept / Writer + Director

Part of Social-Début Productions: One Sunday…an unplanned and spur of the moment project – I cut out words from the newspaper and arranged them into this prose. Again unplanned my friend and actor Katya Chitova improvised it at that moment in time. We recorded the improv on my iPhone so I decided to create this moving image piece.

And so Newspaper Prose was born – I plan to create a series of these prose over 1 week and then create 7 bespoke films. See more at

Edit / Animation / Grade: Luiza Cruz-Flade
Text + Concept: Luiza Cruz-Flade
Improvisation: Ekaterina Chitova
Music: A.Taylor – Solemn T E T H Y S, Piano Sonata


“Our exclusive baby rocks,
In chair with chaos.
Warm heart, acid tongue,
She plays a slippery elephant.
That’s why I love her,
Especially on Sunday.
Tough, outspoken and sharp
If she wanted to.
Brilliant big heart within.
Super families, live better.
Speak out, shocking world!
What more could Facebook like?
We help when you need it most.
You’ve created history,
By making this New Moon.
Take her away fast.
Our support remains to choose from.”

Write. Direct. Edit. Début.