CRUK – The Answer is Plain

CRUK – The Answer is Plain

Commercial (2012)
Role: Post-Producer

Young people and women are identified as groups to aim tobacco packaging at, according to a new Cancer Research UK report.

The report, The Packaging Of Tobacco Products, will be published alongside a hard-hitting short film that shows how children are attracted to the slickly designed cigarette packs.The report and film launch Cancer Research UK’s “The Answer Is Plain” campaign, which is asking people to sign a petition to remove all branding from tobacco packaging.

I just completed this project with the LAB at AMV BBDO. It was edited in-house by Suzy Norton working closely with the director from Rogue Films, Finn McGough. I really enjoyed working on this project and has had over 552,000 views on YouTube.

Winner at Creative Circle and British Arrows.

Agency: AMV BBDO // Creatives: Thiago de Moraes + Mark Fairbanks.