Plan International

Plan International – Because I Am A Girl

Awareness Campaign – Facebook App (2012)
Role: Producer (Digital)

AMV BBDO has produced a multi-media campaign on behalf of development charity Plan International to ignite a global movement of support for young girls’ rights to an education. Thursday 11th October 2012 is the first-ever UN recognised International Day of the Girl, and the objective of the campaign – ‘Because I Am A Girl’ – is to persuade millions of people worldwide to raise a virtual hand in support of the movement to demonstrate to the UN on that day that the issue deserves to be prioritised. Plan International believes that there is a very simple solution to complex issue of poverty alleviation in the developing world, and it starts with girls. A girl born into one of the poorest regions of the world is one of the most disadvantaged people on the planet. The challenges start in early childhood and continue through every single step of growing up. A disadvantaged girl is likely to grow into a disadvantaged woman. But if you give girls access to a good education, it has a profound and proven effect.

Concept: Harry Osborne // Creative Leads: Michael Jones, Charlotte Adorjan, Adam Whitaker

Agency: AMV BBDO